E Suck Home Equity

Worcester, Massachusetts 0 comments

How long does it take to get replacement checks for your home equity line of credit.Its now going on 13 request written and over the phone and still no checks.

I wonder why, do they have the cash flow for these accounts or did they lend to high risk customers. They have asked me for proof I live in the property as I got a PO BOX due to mail issues. For starters they have no right for this informations as I have had the line of credit for two plus years. Secondly, I complied with the request on three seperate occasions showing my UI bill, my auto bill, and lastly my primary mortgage bill.


et every month I get the quality control letter, maybe they should be doig some in house quality control and fire some of the customer service reps that can barely speak english. I assume one of two things either they are the most retarded companies out there, seeing my rate is 2 plus over prime you would think they want you to over spen.

Or, are they not sending my checks as they believe I no longer live there and is that even legal.So my friends my suggestion is this order check months in advance as its like lotto I may get them one of these dqays

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